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Dji Store Discount: Mavic pro Platinum Edition at just HK$ 7899

  • - Buy the quieter, more enjoyable Mavic pro-Platinum Edition at DJI Official store starting from just HK$ 7899. Buy now to get this limited time offer.

Buy RoboMaster S1 at Just HKD 3799 with this Dji Store Discount

  • - Get a chance to buy highly demanded RoboMaster S1 using the Dji official website, starting from just HK$ 3799. This offer is valid for a limited time only.



Latest Dji Store Promo Codes

Promo Code Description Discount Code Type Expiry Date
Buy Osmo Action Series at Just HKD $2499 with this Dji Store Deal 0% Off 30 November -0001
Dji Store Discount: Mavic pro Platinum Edition at just HK$ 7899 0% Off 26 September 2022
Buy RoboMaster S1 at Just HKD 3799 with this Dji Store Discount 0% Off 26 September 2022

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Best Shopping with Dji Store Promo Codes and Discounts

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Creativity is the foundation of any dream or idea. Every innovation, every new idea is what lies at the bottom of the technological revolution of our times. At DJI, these dreamers and creators are provided with the requisite tools to give a tangible shape to their great ideas and dreams.

The DJI platform provides these creators to capture images that were once thought impossible to be captured. The flying camera and the stabilization systems at DJI have revolutionized camera placement and gesture. Gripping photos and captivating videos, precious personal memories, and exclusive expert images are taken. This is made possible only by using DJI products everywhere around the world.

DJI has its headquarters in Shenzhen, which is popularly thought of as China’s Silicon Valley. DJI profits from straight admittance to all of its requisite suppliers, raw materials. DJI is thus able to have access to a young and very talented pool of individuals who are essential for continued success. Using these resources, DJI has quickly grown from one trivial office in 2006 to a global workforce. DJI offices can be located in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. DJI is a private company that also operates privately. DJI aims to fulfill its vision, which is through the support of imaginative, profitable, and non-profitable uses of its technology.

As of today, DJI products are reinventing industries. Specialists and experts in filmmaking, agriculture, conservation, search and rescue, energy infrastructure, and more have faith DJI to bring new outlooks to their exertions and thus aid them in accomplishing exploits in a safer, faster way with much

To use their coupon codes, customers are requested to go to the checkout page and fill in the essential information. Customers will see “use coupon code” and “use credit” buttons on the order summary segment.

To use their coupon codes, customers are asked to click on "Use Coupon code" and enter the coupon code that they have in the blank column or bar. To continue, they must also click on "Use Coupon."

To use DJI credits, customers must click on "use credit." They must then enter the number of credits that they wish to use in the blank column. Customers must then click on “confirm” to continue their order.

Dji Store Dhopping Cart Coupon

The DJI website states that shipment times for each product may differ contingent on their availability. The projected delivery time is revealed for every product when a customer has placed an order at dji.com. However, if the customer's order includes numerous products, the projected delivery time will be contingent on the product that is expected to take the longest to ship.

Customers may want to cancel their order. So if the customer's order has not been shipped, they log in to their DJI account and cancel their order in “My Orders” on the DJI Store. However, once it has been shipped, the customer cannot cancel it. If the customer wants sales return, they can contact customer support services available on the DJI website.

At dji.com, they accept the following methods of payment:

 Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB)

  1. Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  2. Paypal
  3. Paypal Credit
  4. Affirm Financing (excluding West Virginia and Iowa)
  5. Bank Transfer

At DJI, customer privacy security in online transactions is given high precedence. DJI reassures customers that they have instituted all essential security protocols so that customers can input their credit card and other private personal information without fear. DJI does not allow any third party to have access to this information.

The product can be returned within 14 days of getting a product, that is, if the product has no manufacturing defect, and still happens to be in mint condition.

DJI required that customers pay for any return shipping. However, this payment is exempted if it is due to performance faults.

Dji Hk Saving Tips

Dji Hk Saving Tips

Customers are encouraged to subscribe to the DJI Newsletter. By typing in their email address in the blank bar provided at the bottom of the DJI home page, customers can sign up for the DJI Newsletter.

This way they can stay abreast of any new deals, launches, coupons, promotional activities, etc. An email regarding any new sales and discounts will be directly delivered to their inbox. Other than that, by scrolling to the bottom of the DJI home page, customers can click on the “educational discount” quick link. Any customer who is still studying can apply for an educational discount. This offer is exclusive only to students. Therefore, customers will be asked to input information that verifies them as a student currently enrolled in any educational institute.

Other than that, customers can also avail a corporate discount. They can click on the quick link provided and type in all the relevant details. Once all the provided information has been verified, corporate customers will be provided with a discount code.

- Select members enjoy substantial discounts on birthdays, free shipping, and discounts on drone accessories, priority repair support, and surprise gifts. Check out the details of the program by clicking the "DJI Select Membership" link under the "Programs" section.

- Refurbished products on DJI's website can be purchased for 30-40% off regular prices, including Mavic drones and Ronin cameras. You will find a white banner with tabs to rotate between various categories of refurbished items on this page.

-Subscribe to DJI newsletters to receive a 5% coupon to use on your first order. Click the box below the customer contact link, with "Your Email Address" written inside it. Enter your best contact email inside of the box, and click the gray arrow.