10 Fun Things to do in Hong Kong with Kids

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Many people think of HK as a skyscraper location, which may not provide leisure things for kids. So today, we are going to mention the top 10 fun things you can do in honking with your kids.

HK Disneyland Resort

HK Disneyland Resort

Everybody knows that visiting Disneyland is one of the special feelings for every kid. HK Disneyland resort is also popular for kids fun activities spot where you can go for various experiences.

Your kids will enjoy their time in this resort, along with the massive amount of other kids.

The Peak:

The Peak

Whether you believe it or not, but The Peak is a more popular tourist attraction for kids as compared to Disney land resort in Hong Kong. Going there with your kids provides a bird’s eye view of the entire Hong Kong city from 428m above the sea level.

Ocean Park Hong Kong:

kids fun activities - Ocean Park

The time when Mickey Mouse and the crew pay their visit to Hong Kong, Ocean park become one of the top tourist attractions for kids.

It provides an Amusement park, zoo, and other leisure time spending experiences for kids—Grand aquarium where the kids can see various species of aqua including turtles, sharks, etc.

Outlying Islands of Hong Kong:

Outlying Islands of Hong Kong

You can book a ferry for your entire family to reach the outlying islands of Hong Kong. It’s a full-stack entire one day trip that you can experience in the 200 remote islands of this place.

You need to have a boat; without it, you will never reach the ideal places.

The Big Buddha:

kids fun activities - The Big Budd

This place provides some amazing Buddha status in a wide range. When having leisure time with the family in HK, it’s the most accessible place for you to visit with kids.

Make sure to experience the 360 cable car that provides fantastic views and a mode to reach to the Big Buddha.


Hong kong Museum

There are various museums available in HK that show historical and cultural visualization of the city famous for kids fun activities. You can pay your visit to a few of them with your kids, which will enhance their knowledge and experience about HK.

Dim Sum:

Dim Sum

Your entire family needs to taste the local cuisine of Hong Kong. Dim sum is the best traditional Chinese cuisine you can eat with the kids.

Make sure to try the Chinese tea along with that, which is also famous.

Junk Cruise:

Junk Cruise

Another fantastic experience in HK for kids is to visit the Sea-side of the place. You can book a boat where you can enjoy quality time with the kids.

Hike the Dragon’s back:

kids fun activities -Hike the Dragon's back

Most of you think that HK is all about fast-paced city or skyscrapers. However, there are some hiking trails as well in the town that you can explore. 

You should know the fact that 38% of the HK area designated for the country park.

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Hong Kong Dolphin Watch:

kids fun activities - Dolphin Watch

Dolphins are the best friends for all of the kids around the world. The best part about HK dolphins is that they are pink in color. Make sure to pay your visit when traveling to HK with