5 Fashion Tips that No One Ever Told You

While scrolling the feed of Instagram or Pinterest, you would see beautiful women wearing trendy clothes and looking stylish.

You would look them in awe and would also want to dress the same. You can copy other people’s outfit but keep one thing in mind what suits others might not suit you. We are going to tell you five fashion tips that you need to know in order to look stylish and trendy. Read these tips and make a fashion statement!

1-Basic Tees

Fashion Tips

If your closet doesn’t consist of basic Tees, then you are seriously missing out. The art of fashion can never be learned without a t-shirt. Your wardrobe should consist of a plain white t-shirt, nude color, grey, and a black one. They look simple and stylish and can also be paired with literally anything. You can layer them up as well.

2-High waisted Jeans

You should know how much a high-waisted jeans hold power when it comes to fashion. High-waisted jeans make boring outfits look amazing and they look really classy. If your legs are short, you can wear them with crop tops to make them longer. You can wear them with heels and with chunky sneakers as well.
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3-Tailor your clothing items

This trick is a lifesaver as not many people know about this. If you think all celebrities fit in Small, medium or large sizes then you are completely wrong. They have a team which tailor their clothes according to their sizes. So, if you have bought a dress and its loose from the bust area then take it to a tailor and ask them to make it fit.

4-Never Forget Accessories


Accessories make a boring outfit look cool. You should wear accessories whenever its possible. An adorable necklace looks great with deep V-neck and accentuate it. If you don’t want to draw attention towards your face, then big earrings would be of great help.

5-Wear Confidence and Big Smile

Fashion Tips

Confidence is the key to look fashionable and stylish. Believe that you are looking great and you will surely do. Wear confidence and your beautiful smile.