Check out Top 10 Cheapest Smartphones in the World

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The year 2020 is already going on at a rapid pace, along with the greatest innovations. Daily advancements in technology making new smartphones, and leaving the old ones behind.

There’s no better way to dive into the process of tracking various Smartphones of different mobile companies. We know it’s not easy to do the entire process, so we are mentioning the top 10 cheapest smartphones around the world in the below sections.

Honor 10 Lite:

Honor 10 Lite

It comes with OS android 9 version along with 32/64 GB storage, and 3GB Ram. If we talk about its battery, so the company is providing 3400mAH to do daily tasks for a long time.

With these luxurious features, the mobile is coming with a price rate ranges from $200 to $230.

Huawei P Smart (2019):

Huawei is one of the running brands in different parts of the world. The P Smart series of 2019 is another innovation that you can get from $134 to $140.

 If we talk about its Storage and ram, so it comes with 3 GB RAM and a builtin storage capability of 32/64 GB. 

The rear and front camera is also suitable for your leisure or Business memory photos. Moreover, it also comes with an operating system of Android 9.

Realme 3 Pro:

Realme 3 Pro

Realme 3 pro is another fascinating and affordable mobile series in the current times. You can get a 4 GB ram and 64/125 GB of Storage in the rate of $244 to $250. 

The rear and front camera is also amazing to go for beautiful pics. 

Moto G7 Power:

Moto G7 Power

The rate ranges from $120 to $160 in different areas. It comes with 3/4 GB ram and 32/64 GB storage. The camera quality is also useful, along with a 5000mAH battery. You can also play high storage games without any delay issue.

Moto E6 Plus:

 top 10 cheapest smartphones -Moto E6 Plus

Motorola Smartphone comes up with a fantastic e series. It’s an affordable smartphone featuring reliable functionalities, including strong battery life. It provides 2/4 GB ram along with 32/64 GB storage.

XiaomiRedmi Note 7: 

XiaomiRedmi Note 7

Following the OS android 9 version with a fast running mobile, you can get it in just $140 to $185. It’s a significant achievement for the mobile brand to provide amazing Storage and features in such rates to the people in 2020.

Moto G6:

 top 10 cheapest smartphones -Moto G6

Motorola G series is another achievement for this company that is trending around the world as an affordable smartphone. It provides an Android 8 version with 32/64 GB storage and 3/4 GB ram.

Moto G7:

Moto G7

Moto G7 updated with a slight improvement of the android 9 version. The built-in storage capacity is 32 GB along with a 2GB ram. Moreover, it provides an efficient battery life for daily users.

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XiaomiRedmi 7A:

 top 10 cheapest smartphones -XiaomiRedmi 7A

The 7A variant of Xiaomi is providing an Android 9 version along with 16/32 GB storage and 2/3 GB RAM. The camera is also outstanding in terms of results, and the battery life is durable. The mobile price ranges from $89 to $100.

Nokia 4.2:

 top 10 cheapest smartphones -Nokia 4.2

Nokia’s history of smartphones was never good so far. But the 4.2 smartphone featuring Android 9 version is another take from the company for the users. It comes with 32/64 GB built-in storage and 3GB RAM.

Note: The top 10 cheapest smartphone prices mentioned above may change the time you read this article.