From Where to Buy Cheap Cosmetics in Hong Kong?

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Your Presence in this article shows that you are looking for cheap cosmetic products available in Hong Kong. If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Today, we are going to tell you about the top places where you can buy beauty products from Hong Kong at affordable prices.

Bonjour Hk Cosmetics:

Bonjour Hk Cosmetics:

Bonjour is one of the leading HK based brands that is providing more than 20,000 cosmetic products. The best part about this brand is that it is located all across the HK region. 

Bonjour is capable enough to cover all of the beauty products used for different reasons. Whether you need expensive or in-expensive cosmetic products, you can hover upon their outlets. 

The best part about their outlets is that they have categorized each product in it’s desired shelves. Whether you are looking for hair care or skin care products, you can easily select a wide range by going toward the specific shelves.

Other than the topical products, you can also get world-class cosmetic accessories from their stores. The prices are affordable, and you can also get discount offers on every visit.


buy cheap sasa cosmetics

When it comes to purchasing beauty products, Sasa is the second most populous brand available in Hong Kong. The best part about this bran is that it also based in Malaysia, Mainland China, Singapore, and Macau.

So you can also get their products at affordable prices outside Hong Kong. If we talk about the list of beauty products they are selling, so there are almost more than 400 products you can check on their outlets.

All of them are sub-categorized into various other products including, skincare, haircare, accessories, and washable products.

The variety they are providing you may confuse you the time you enter their stores. So, it’s better to get the assistance of the sales member available on the store for you. Get extra benefits with Sasa Promo Codes!

Angel Cosmetics:

buy cheap Angel Cosmetics

Angel Cosmetics is another famous beauty product chain available in Hong Kong. Although they are not providing much variety as compared to the above stores, you can still get reliable and affordable products by visiting them.

Due to the less space and less product availability, they are also capable enough to provide you the beauty products at ideal rates.

Colour Mix:

Colour Mix Cosmetics

The color mix is another cosmetic store that you can consider on your first visit to Hong Kong. They have around 40 different outlets available across Hong Kong and Macau.

The drawback of this cosmetic chain is that it mostly targets the younger women’s. So, you would not get an ideal product for yourself if you are older.

They provide a variety of products, including makeup, skincare, Personal care, perfumes, and trending items.

The best thing about the color mix is that you can get various hot discount deals to buy cheap cosmetics products.

Aster Cosmetics Center:

Aster Cosmetics Center

On your first visit to Hong Kong, you should also consider the Aster Cosmetics Center. They are providing more than 20,000 cosmetic brand products in the store. 

It includes skincare, perfume, and slimming aids. If your concern is to buy cheap cosmetics products without looking for the top brand names, then this place is ideal for you.