Swarovski Hong Kong: new items for 2020 you can’t miss

If we talk about Swarovski, so it’s one of the well-known brand famous for as the fine crystal largest retailers throughout the U.S. The fantastic thing is that it’s available online before the time google into the online world.

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They are providing the services since 1996, which is one year before google launched its site in 1997.
It’s also interesting to know about the platform that it has already made its footprint as a fine crystal exclusive retailer around the U.S. However, the idea of starting an e-commerce platform come into their mind during 1996. This is because they already had a tremendous amount of catalog and stores available.
Besides that, the list of Swarovski catalogs is in the market since 1976. They tend to publish new catalogs every year, while the Christmas edition was the favorite among their customers. You will find different categories of catalogs in their platform, including coffee style, high gloss, and numerous other crystal pieces. The brand itself does all the photography and other work in their warehouse, which made them competitive enough as compared to other competitors.
Another fantastic thing about this brand is that their fine-crystal products are famous among popular celebrities, politicians, sports stars, movie stars, and others. They already have gifted a lot of their products to eminent personalities, and the response was also good from their side.
One of the best things about this brand is its excellent presentation for the crystals. They have a luxury and bespoke photography sessions, which enhance the overall look of the product for the customers.

Top New Items of Swarovski for 2020:

Like every year, 2020 is also full of new items in the Swarovski warehouse. They have uploaded a lot of their items online for the customers to buy. So, we will discuss the ones that are trending in sales.

Swarovski Crysta Myriad Anadi, Swan Couple Sculpture: If you have a passion for Sculpture, so Swarovski has come up with a beautiful product for you. The fresh and graceful myriad piece is made to show the beauty of love and power. The expert craftsmanship team designs it. Nearly 32,000 crystals are used to make this entire Sculpture, and it has the selling price of 131,752 HKD.

Swarovski Crysta Myriad Anadi

Dance Heart Necklace: The dance heart necklace is another top trending item of Swarovski available in the list of 2020 fresh products. The design of the jewelry has followed the dancing crystal concept. An interesting thing is its round stone, which is floating inside the crystal pave 3d cage. The selling price of this necklace ranges from 612 HKD to 922 HKD.

Dance Heart Necklace

Swarovski Bell Ornament: The winter magic chimes is not dull for you anymore after the launch of Swarovski Bell ornament. There are almost 1,300 small crystals embellished for this item, which is bringing a sense of luxuriousness to the product. Another fantastic thing about this item is that the crystals are manually glued, which made the shape of every bell unique for the customers. The selling price for this item is around 775 HKD.

Swarovski Hong Kong - Bell Ornament

Santa Claus with a gift Bag: Clear red crystal has been used for the creation of this beautiful Swarovski Santa Claus figure, who is holding gifts. The fantastic craftsmanship can be analyzed with the level of finishing provided in this item. The selling item for this product is around 1860 HKD.

Santa Claus with a gift Bag

Swarovski Star Wars Death Ornament: The fantastic work done by the Swarovski Hong Kong has brought back the death star into life. The ornament is designed by cutting down 329 precise crystal facets, with the detailing of frosted. You will see the black satin ribbon included in the decoration, which is enhancing the overall appearance. Last but not least, the selling price for this ornament is around 1000 HKD.

Swarovski Hong Kong Star Wars Death Ornament:

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