Top Products to buy on Microsoft E-Store Hong Kong

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A progressing world, digital disruption, and smart gadgets taking over the world by storm, it is crucial for everyone to keep themselves updated with technology and trends as no one knows how long are they going to live.
Jokes apart, but tech companies are now in their competition, and every year they come up with something new and beat their record and try to set new records of introducing any new technology that can disrupt the digital economy.

Giant companies like Apple, Facebook, and others are trying each day to stay ahead of the game, so why would Microsoft stay behind? After all, Microsoft and Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder) have a strong legacy. When Bill Gates shared the vision of Microsoft, he said, “I want to see a computer in every school, every home!
With this vision in mind, there are no doubts that Microsoft has done well and has invested billions of dollars in the R&D of Microsoft products.

So today, we bring you a list of Topmost amazing products to have your hands on from the Microsoft E-Store Hong Kong:

1-Surface Pro X Microsoft SQ1 / 256GB / 8GB RAM LTE

Microsoft Surface Pro

A perfect portable PC for everyone!
This product from Microsoft E-Store is not just amazing, but an amazing piece of technology as the first and foremost thing that you would get in this PC is the solution to usual
Wi-Fi problems that we face all the time because this PC is enabled with a blazing-fast LTE Advanced Pro Connectivity, including a Qualcomm powered, Microsoft SQ1 custom processor to deliver exceptional multitasking, and long battery life to keep you going. you can also check our article about Top 5 trending laptops from Lenovo Hong Kong in 2020

2-Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Console Bundle

Xbox One X

Xbox One X is an extremely powerful step-up console that supports HDR, 4K and offers framerates and visuals for certain games. It can play all Xbox One games, some 360 and original Xbox games, and it ships with a 1TB drive.
It is something that every gamer dreams of, and this is not just a gaming console but an experience that every gamer would definitely want to experience in their life.

3-Office 365 Home

Microsoft Office Home

An essential for every individual be it a student or a working professional.
Purchasing an Office 365 Home will let you share it with your entire family, maximum up to 6 people, and can be used on PC/Mac, tablets, or phones, including Windows, Android, or Apple.
It also provides premium versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Outlook.
Moreover, after purchasing Office 365 Home users would also get a 1TB cloud storage and lets you collaborate on documents with others online.
It would not be wrong to say that Office 365 Home will make your work fun and engaging in a lot many ways.

4-Visio Standard 2019

Visio Standard 2019

Visio Standard is a tool that allows users to create workflows, maps, organization charts, diagrams, and office or home plans suing a rich set of shapes and templates. It allows users to bring their work all in one place and lets its users use different tools to support their work, which, most of the time, gets challenging to find in other software. This software lets its users put their visions into reality with ease. They are allowing users to add comments and share their work with anyone they want across their organization, which can avoid a lot of hassle at the workplace.

5-Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home

We all have grown up using the iconic Microsoft Windows XP, which was very common back in the days and the most loved Windows software from Microsoft. Till now, Microsoft has brought other advanced windows for its users to have an out of the box experience. Windows 10 Home is also another product from Microsoft, which is an extremely fast and advanced version of the Windows up till now. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is your partner in making things happen! A fast interface, expanded Start menu, and lots of interesting features to get your work done across multiple devices. You are simply going to love it.

6-Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

6-Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

This advanced ergonomic design encourages natural hand and wrist gestures, maximizing wrist comfort allowing navigation effortless. The shape of this ergonomic mouse promotes a natural forearm, wrist, and hand posture and helps prevent the pain of repetitive stress injuries.

7-Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050

Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050

Adding a touch of modern hardware also includes a beautifully designed wireless keyboard. This wireless keyboard brings back the good old design, which was long forgotten. Microsoft made a very significant style statement of its products by adding a mix of glossy and textured black surface, surely giving its users a lot of compliments from those who do not think of upgrading their PCs.

It is also an ergonomically curved keyboard encouraging a more natural posture of the user. A wireless connection to eliminate the unwanted wires lying everywhere can effectively work within a radius of 30 feet. This is surely going to make your work easy and less stressed.

These are the Topmost amazing products that you can buy from the Microsoft E-Store Hong Kong by using the Microsoft HK Promo Code. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a lot many products that you can buy from their Microsoft E-Store. They have a wide range of products with different price points which can fit your needs.

Happy shopping!