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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work a Coupon? +

You can click on the Button " SHOW Coupon " and automatically you will have the related coupon copied on your browser and ready to be pasted on tha shopping cart section of the related website.

How Does It Worl an Offer/Deal?. +

If you want to Grab a Deal, you need to click on " GET THIS DEAL " button and you will be redirect to the related merchant page. In this case no popup will be opened because there is any coupon to apply.

I need to pay or subscribe to get that service?. +

No, all is free you dont need to pay anything or subscribe in any case. But we advice to subscribe to our newsletter or push notification because you will be adviced for every new Coupon or big Deal that you could be interested. Our newsletter and push notification are not invasive, we send maximum 1 time for week, excluse some cases where there is a big and not usual Coupon for a very high discount.

Are all the Coupon Codes and Deals Valid? +

At Mycouponcodes.hk we work hardly to update all Coupon Codes and Deals everytime a store notify us. As per our policy we never insert a fake or invalid coupon or deals because we have a strong partnership with all the top Stores in Hong Kong and Travel Agencies. However sometime may be that a coupon dont work because the store dont notify us the right expiry dateand maube that a coupon present is expired because the store decided to close that promotion.

What can i do when a coupon is not working? +

We advice to contact us or insert a comment on the related page by Discuss and we will reply in Real time advicing you the best saving solution or we can ask directly for a coupon extra for you at the store.

Why Mycouponcodes offer All Coupon For Honh Kong and APAC regions for Free? Have time to loss? +

No we havent time to loss. We earn a little commission on every sale that the store do trough our promotions. However we want to offer a total saving service and we insert also coupons and deals for stores that dont pay us but let you save money the same!

I Have a coupon and i would Share with Mycouponcodes. What i can do? +

You can go to our dedicated page Submit a coupon and insert the code with all terms and conditions. We will publish it as soon as possible.

I like very much work on a coupon website. what i can do? +

We are open to hire all persons who love the saving world! Please contact us With The subjet " I WANT WORK WITH MYCOUPONCODES " and you will be contaced immediately for a call with the hope to find the perfect solution.

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