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Rakuten Offer - Get free shipping on all Orders

Get Free Hong Kong Shipping all Orders. There is no minimum order value required to avail this discount and is valid for all products at this online store. This offer is not valid for international deliveries.
Ongoing Added 13 January 2019

Latest Verified Rakuten Coupon Codes and Rakuten Deals

Title Type Verified on
Rakuten Coupon: Single Purchase Over JPY10000, Use DBS Credit Card to Purchase, Get 1500JPY Off Coupon 20-06-2019
Rakuten Coupon - Save up to JPY 1300 on your purchase of JPY 12000 or more Coupon 15-06-2019
Save 20% Off on Seikoasutoron ASTRON GPS solar wave 100m waterproof Watch Deal 14-06-2019
Save 10% off on BUFFALO USB3.1 (Gen.1) AV, equipped with an external HDD 3TB Deal 15-06-2019
Save 25% Off on Women's leather shoulder bag and accessories brand goods Deal 10-06-2019

Expired Rakuten Coupon Codes

1300JPY Off in Single Purchased Over 14000JPY

Rakuten Coupon - Save JPY 1200 Off discount on your orders of JPY 15000 or More

Rakuten Coupon - Save JPY 1700 Off on Purchase of JPY 17000 or more

Single Purchase Over 30000JPY, Enter Code, Get 3200JPY

Single Purchase Over 15000JPY, Enter Code, Get 1500JPY

Rakuten Coupon: Hong Kong and Macau Exclusive: Single Purchase Over 22,000JPY, Enter Code, Get 2200JPY Off

HK/MO Exclusive, Selected Shops, Order Voer 17000 JPY, Get 2000JPY Off

Rakuten Coupon: HK/MO Limited, Selected Shops, Purchase Over 15000JPY, Parcel Under 30x30x40cm, Get Free Shipping For EMS HK

Single Purchase Over 12000JPY, Enter Code, Get 1500JPY Discount

Rakuten Coupon: Single Purchase Over 10000JPY (Around 700HKD), Choosing EMS Services, Get HK/MO Free Shipping For First 3KG

About Rakuten Coupon Codes

Store Infos

Rakuten is a Japanese E-commerce company that was founded in 1997 in Tokyo. Today Rakuten is the largest E-commerce site in Japan and among the world’s largest, globally. It is commonly referred to as the “Amazon of Japan”. The founder and CEO of Rakuten, Hiroshi Mikitani, addresses Rakuten as a “Global innovation company: Empowering people to realize their dreams”.


The word “Rakuten” literally means “Optimism” in Japanese, symbolic to looking forward and to believe in the future. The main goal of Rakuten is to make a significant contribution to society by creating value through innovation and entrepreneurship. The vision of Rakuten is to be a global body with a strong foundation, built on high degrees of innovation with the aims of achieving ambitious goals.


Rakuten is affiliated with many well-known partners for strategic relationships and mutual benefit. Some famous ones include FC Barcelona, The Golden State Warriors and Spartan race. The Rakuten Global Market is a global website which features a diverse plethora of products available for purchase. The website’s main aspirations are to provide good service along with customer protection to ensure that the Rakuten Global Market has a degree of standards and trust at the end of the day.

Where is my coupon?

Rakuten Global Market does not offer coupons or promotional codes as such; however, Rakuten Global Market has a more efficient and easy rewards program called “Rakuten Super Points”. Coupons for stores that sell on the website can be obtained from the store’s emails or social media accounts. Rakuten Super Points have basically stored currency that is obtained with any purchase from the Rakuten Global Market website. Rakuten Super Points have the same value as HK$0.072 (1 Japanese yen). Rakuten super points can then be used to make purchases from the website directly, without having to pay for the product in actual currency. Rakuten super points are easy to obtain and use. Customers may do so through the following steps.

  1. If you don’t already have an account, you must make one in order to receive Rakuten Super Points. If you do have an account, then go to step 5.
  2. In order to create an account, the user must click on the “Register” link that is near the top right corner of the home page.
  3. Upon doing so, you will be directed to a page that will ask for relevant information regarding your account, after filling in this information, click on “Next step”.
  4. The next step will confirm the given information, and you can click on "register" Rakuten Membership”.
  5. Now that you have an account, you will simply receive Rakuten Super points upon every purchase you make on the Rakuten Global Market. Every HK$7.21 (100 Japanese yen) spent will earn you HK$0.0721 (1 Japanese yen) which can be used for future purchases.


Rakuten Global Coupon

Customer Infos

Rakuten Global Market gives great importance to customer satisfaction which is paramount to the company since if there were one factor that would take one day, cease to exist and harm the company the most, it would be the customers. In order to keep the customer happy at the end of the day, Rakuten Global Market’s customer service policies are made to facilitate the customer and to ensure there is no inconvenience faced by said customers on any level. Rakuten Global Market accepts payments by American Express, JCB, VISA, MasterCard and Diners Club.


The return policies of products vary depending on the shop they are bought from. The customer may view the specific return policy by clicking on the “Shop Information” option that is given on the left side of the page when you view a product before adding it to your cart. This will direct you to the page of the shop selling the product and display the policies regarding returns, exchange, refund etc. Rakuten global market offers customer protection policies in case of the following scenarios: product has not arrived, the wrong product is sent, the product is broken, the shop cannot be communicated for return and counterfeit products. Rakuten global market may be contacted in these situations for compensations.

Shopping Tips

Using the Rakuten Global Market website is quite simple as the user interface ensures seamless use of the website with all the primary options, customers tend to look for, given right in the front for easy access. There is a Rakuten Japan Daily Ranking for the best products with the best value given when you scroll down on the home page. There is also a "Top Selling Products" option that displays all the most popular products that are purchased from the website. There is an "Events Directory" option that shows all special offers, features, brands and catalogues on one page. The customer may choose from this selection of directories in order to see the products available under the specific directory. 

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