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Stay Japan Coupon - Up to 50% Off you Business Travel

Save up to 50% Off you Business Travel in Tokyo, Osaka, Kioto. This code is valid for the group of 6 or more travelers. This discount can be fetched for limited period only so book now and save this discount.
Ends: 31 December 2019 Added 2 June 2018

Save 15% Off on Kyoto Yunohana Hot Spring Guest House

Book Guest House in Kyoto Yunohana Hot Spring and save flat 155 off discount on your booking, A secluded hot spring inn nestled quietly in the Yunohana Onsen area. This inn gives guests a chance to relax and unwind, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city.
Ends: 14 August 2019 Added 1 April 2019

Save 20% Off on Kyonokoyado Miyagawacho Y Home Stay

Get 10% off discount when you book Kyonokoyado Miyagawacho Y, With a view of the Kamo River, this inn offers great access to popular sightseeing spots such as Gion, Yasaka Shrine, and Higashiyama areas.
Ends: 25 July 2019 Added 1 April 2019

Latest Verified Stay Japan Coupon Codes and Stay Japan Deals

Title Type Verified on
Stay Japan Coupon - Up to 50% Off you Business Travel Coupon 16-06-2019
Stay Japan Coupon up to 70% Off Owinawa Hotels and experiences Coupon 13-06-2019
Get discount of 35% off on your stay with Guest house Okinawa hotel Yuntaku house Deal 12-06-2019
Get 24% Off discount on Cafe next to Minato Fumi-chan Deal 12-06-2019
Save 15% Off discount on Minn Stay Aha no Yado Deal 19-06-2019

Expired Stay Japan Coupon Codes

Get ?150 off on ?5,000 booking.

Get ?400 off on ?10,000 booking.

Get ?3,000 off on ?50,000 booking.

Get ?5,000 off on ?70,000 booking.

Get ?10,000 off on ?100,000 booking.

Stay Japan Coupon - ?150 For reservations Greater than ?5000

Stay Japan Coupon - ?400 For reservations Greater than ?10000

Stay Japan Coupon - ?1000 For reservations Greater than ?20000

Stay Japan Coupon - ?3000 For reservations Greater than ?50000

Stay Japan Coupon - ?5000 For reservations Greater than ?70000

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Japan is among the most culturally and historically rich countries around the world. Japan also happens to be one of the most aesthetically stunning countries in regards to natural beauty. While being scenically beautiful, Japan also happens to be among the most (if not the most) technologically advanced cities in the world. For people who wish to get more out of their vacations, tend to turn their attention towards Japan. Besides material pleasures such as shopping, a trip to Japan is a spiritually enlightening one. The fact of the matter is that travellers do not know what to do upon arriving in Japan and who better to tell than, than the Japanese people themselves.

Stay Japan is a platform that connects people in aims of securing the best accommodations during your stay in Japan. These do not just include ordinary accommodations as customers may choose to stay at a temple, farm, guest house, villa, and so much more. Stay Japan is owned by Hyakusenrenma, Inc and was established in 2012. It is located at 2-17-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-Ku in Tokyo, Japan.

Where is my coupon?

Being a service rather than a retail store, we do not provide coupons or promotional codes as such however you can sign up at the website with your email address to receive emails regarding the best deals that come up on the website. Upon doing so, you will receive emails from the website regarding the best deals that become available before non-subscribers do. Signing up at the website is quite simple, and you can do so by following these easy steps:

•          On the home page, you will notice an option in the top right corner that says “sign up”.

•          Upon clicking on this option, you will see a box appear that asks whether if you want to sign up using your Facebook account or directly by your email account.

•          If you choose to do so with Facebook, click on that option, then allow the website access to the relevant data by clicking on the "agree" button.

•          If you choose to do so with your email, click on that option and you will see another box appear that will ask for relevant information regarding your account, upon filling this information and agreeing to the terms and conditions/privacy policy, click on "Sign up". A confirmation email will be sent to you, and upon clicking on the link in that email, your account will be set up.


Stay Japan Coupon

Customer Infos

Being a free service, we aim to be a platform that the customer can put their trust in at the end of the day. To do so, we make efforts to provide the best customer service with our policies that are meant to facilitate the customer and to get rid of all sorts of minor and major inconveniences. Payments are to be done using credit cards. The acceptable credit cards include VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and JCB. Please know that Stay Japan does not hold credit card information and will only use it to take the charges that make your reservations. 

Cancellation policies may vary depending on the place; the customer chooses to stay in; however, the main concept of them is to cancel the reservation as soon as possible to get adequate reimbursement. For instance, the cancellation policy at a hotel, C'est Joli Ikegami 202is that you will only be deducted 10% of the total amount for reservation if you cancel your reservation a week in advance. This amount will increase the longer you wait, and if you don't call until the date of the reservation, 100% of the reservation charge will be taken. The general idea is to cancel your reservation as soon as possible.

Shopping Tips

The use of the website is extremely simple as credited to the user-friendly interface that minimizes any difficulty. The interface of the website lays great emphasis on simplicity to make sure the users do not find it tedious at any point. Booking a reservation is very simple as all you have to do is enter the required information in the boxes provided on the home page. This information includes the city where the customer wishes to stay, the dates of travel and the number of people staying. Upon filling this and clicking on "search", you will be directed to a page that shows a list of all possible accommodations in that area in the given dates, upon choosing where to stay, you can select that accommodation and check the relevant details which include house rules, cancellation policies, and traveler information. The customer may complete his payment on this page and proceed to complete his or her reservation in the selected place. On the right, you can see a summary of the charges that will be taken from the user.

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