More About Caritas Hong Kong

Caritas was founded by the Catholic Diocese with a purpose to address various social hardships along with the inequalities that appear in Hong Kong as one of the results of World War II. These conditions were also subsequent to both social and political changes in the country. Throughout the 65 years of development, Caritas these days has been turned out to become a non-governmental organization with its multi-services rendering support to various community sectors as an answer to the changing needs in Hong Kong. Caritas provides its wide-ranging services that involve social work services. Medical care, education, community development, and hospitality, and many more. Caritas – Hong Kong is also known as a member of the Caritas Internationalis, which is a federation of 165 organizations that dedicated to creating a world without poverty, communities equality, societies with no divisions, and also build civilizations of love and solidarity.


How you can help with a donation

Some of us might want to give a donation to Caritas but still do not know how to do so. Well, there is no need to worry about this matter, since we can see detail explain on the official website of Caritas – Hong Kong.

There are seven donation methods for anyone who wants to donate to Caritas.

  • We can help to give our donation to Caritas with an online donation which available on its official website. 
  • We also can donate from direct bank deposit to Caritas’ bank account
  • We can give our donation every month by using Autopay
  • We can also send a crossed cheque and send it by mail to Caritas – Hongkong
  • We can give a cash donation at 7-eleven outlets 
  • We can donate by using the Octopus card 
  • We can also hand over our money or cheque to the Caritas Finance office which opens from Monday to Friday