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Relux Coupon February 2020

26 Offers & Coupon Codes for Relux

Relux Promo Codes, Coupons & Offers

Expires: Ongoing
Terms & Coditions
Expires: Ongoing
Terms & Coditions
Expires: Ongoing
Terms & Coditions

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Latest Verified Relux Coupon Codes and Relux Deals

Relux Coupon JPY10000 Off on Every Booking Over JPY20000 at Tochigi's Hotel

Relux Coupon JPY10000 Off on Every Booking Over JPY20000 at Yamanashi's Hotel

Get JPY10000 Coupon on Niigata's Hotel Bookings Over JPY20000

20% Off on Hotels and ryokans in Kitan Kanto with this Relux Discount

Relux Discount: 30% Off on Hotels and ryokans in and around Tokyo

Relux Discount Codes expired or to verify


Great Relux Coupon 8% Off on every Booking with Mastercard

8% Off

Relux Coupon 8% off on hotel booking in Japan


Save Up to 20% off on the room fee and 25% off on dinner Autumn Premium Plan

More Infos About Relux

Relux is a much-respected Japanese hotel and ryokan booking service. At Relux only those services have introduced that pass the Relux committee's stringent standards. Therefore, Relux takes pride in insincerely, recommending hotels and ryokans.

Relux does not just recommend a highly curated list of accommodations; but Relux also offers reasonable plans for its members.  From the July of 2016 onwards, Relux decided to rebrand their logo. The Relux logo is now a reflection of the traveler's travel experience. The upgraded Relux logo is of the traditional Japanese color of blue. The Relux logo has 7 lines that are a reflection of various pictures that induce the idea of what travel is like. Through that logo, Relux wants to express their thoughts about traveling.

With its outstanding services, Relux hopes to continue serving its customers in a way that ensures they have unforgettable travel experiences.

Where is My Coupon at Relux

Relux offers customers a very positive online shopping experience. By browsing the Relux website, customers can find hotel recommendations and therefore, book whatever suits their needs best. After customers have added a reservation to cart, they can go to the Relux shopping cart. When they are about to check out, customers will find a bar at the right-hand corner of the page where they can input any promotional codes or discount codes that they have.

After clicking check out, their discount code amount will be subtracted from the total amount to arrive at the amount owed by the customer. To use the coupons provided, customers must do the following:

1. Click on the [Coupon] box in the [Use coupons or points] segment of the booking page.
2. Write in the code of the coupon customer would like to use or select one and click [Apply].
3. When the customer had clicked [Apply], the amount will be reduced.

4. When that has been done, the customer is required to fill in the outstanding essential information and click [Reserve], and the booking shall then be complete.

Relux Customer Infos

The rate plans offered by Relux are structured to be the very best that can be found online. Relux challenges customers to find a room at a rate better than the one given by Relux, and the difference will be returned to the customer. Relux additionally offers various services and experiences that ensure Relux is the leading accommodation service provider.

Relux can proudly say that it is the best online accommodation service provider, as attested by its customers. Relux carries out a very careful screening of its affiliate destinations and accommodations with more than 100 discrete succeeding criteria. Therefore, customers at Relux can rest easy that they are in the best possible hands whilst traveling.

Once customers have carried out booking with Relux, they will accrue Relux Points equivalent to 5% of their lodging payment –which is easily the highest in this industry. These points can be used for future bookings. One point is the equal of one HK$.

Customers, who wish to cancel their booking free under the ryokans and hotels' cancellation policy, should know that they will be refunded in full at the same time.
However, credit card companies and different banks have various kinds of policies it makes take 3-4 days for the customer to get their money back in the full amount.
For any further information on the topic, the customer is requested to consult with their Credit Card Company or bank.

Customers are requested to undertake the following to cancel reservations:

  1. Log-in to Relux and visit the page: https://rlx.jp/users/reserve
  2. Click on the "booking cancellation" link.
  3. Customers can browse through the reasons and select the one that best fits why they are canceling their reservation and then click "booking cancel" again.

Customers can rest assured that the Relux website is safe and secure. It adheres to the highest standards of customer privacy protection. Therefore, customers can easily make online payments. To do so, they can opt for the following methods:

  1. Online or on-site payment: Customers can pay their reservation cost on-site by cash or credit card. However, they should know that Credit card is at times unreachable at some accommodations.
  2. Online payment: customer can pay online by credit card.
    Customer can pay the reservation cost in advance, so they do not have to pay on-site. 

Relux Shopping Tips

Customers can also browse locations through the amount of discount offered in different locations. To do that, customer can select their travel destination and date and click search to move to results. In the results section, they may find the "Discount available" option on the left side of the web page. Therefore, the customer must check the box and press "search." Customer can then process to using their coupons/points on all the results that are shown.

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