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Terms and Conditions

Please carefully go through terms and conditions before starting the site usage.

1. How does cashback works on MyCouponcodes

We are glad to inform you that our website offers the possibility of maximum saving. All the coupon codes can be found on our site from the top online retailers and travel agencies. There are further chance to earn by registering so that a percentage of the purchase is credited back, beyond possible discount.

2. How does the process for MyCouponcodes works

Let us make you explain the process of cashback by MyCouponcodes. Whenever any link is clicked by you on the MyCouponcodes, then an action for purchase gets complete for a related store (for example, FarFetch, Nike, Klook and others) we get a sale percentage as an advertiser agent (like other agencies do). The commission is paid to us on the basis of partnership with a particular brand. The cash that you get is the commission that we actually receive. Why do we pay you? We pay so that we can get your loyalty and that further help us get repeat business from you. The process gets bigger and better and helps us to grow and continue to build our site. We can proudly pronounce that we have built up a highly compelling and successful MyCouponcodes website brand, it helps us to manage our earning growth. Our objective is to enhance our earnings and to grow our community by allowing customers to make purchasing using our verified coupons and also to make you eligible for a larger share from our cash commission. 2.1. You confirm by using our site that you are in agreement and accept our terms of use. You must not use your site if there is not an agreement to the terms.

3. Other applicable terms for the user

3.1. These additional terms of use are applicable while using our site by you:

The terms are set as per our Privacy Policy by which any personal data that gets collected or provided by you is a process. You provide your consent by using our site to allow such processing of data and warrant the accuracy of the provided data. The Acceptable Use Policy that set guidelines around usage permission and prohibited use for MyCouponcodes site. You must follow the Acceptable Use Policy while using our site. The Cookie Policy sets guidelines around the use of cookies by our site.

4. Site membership and usage

4.1. A person can only have one account. We are glad to allow occasional cashback transactions on behalf of close friends and other family members. The fair usage terms are subjected, and one account should follow fair practices, and there should be no bulk purchasing done for other people.

4.2. The account owner needs to be deemed the legal owner of the email address that is applied for the sign-up process to the site of MyCouponcodes. The credit to the account for any cashback earned by a third party is done as transactions are done by yourself.

4.3. There is an assumption placed while using our site that full authority has been taken from the relevant parties. This is applicable to friends, employers, business, family, and beyond.

4.4. The site MyCouponcodes holds the right to refuse any membership and can terminate any account by following the usage terms.

4.5. You confirm your age is over 18 years, as you join the site.

5. Earning Cashback

You are ready to earn by doing the sign-up. The rest of the things about cashback that you might need to know.

5.1. It is important to understand that all the transactions done by you are done with the retailers; we are not involved in it. The cookies track the transaction whenever any purchase with the retailer is made by you via our site. There are technologies that help identify the purchase with the retailer that is made, it includes, who did it and where and when it was done. Once the purchase is identified by the tracking network or retailer and it gets acknowledged, a ‘pending’ status gets shown in your account. The status of ‘confirmed’ comes whenever a purchase gets validated by the retailer. The status of ‘payable’ (“payable cashback”) gets shown in your account whenever a commission gets received by us from the retailers. You can make money withdrawn as per our pay-out policy that gets applied at a pay-out time.

5.2. Cashback is applicable and paid for the transactions that meet the criteria of: A) Clicking through our site on the ‘Continue’ button to reach the retailer. The tracking will not activate whenever any other link or a sponsored advert is used to reach the retailer site. We don’t receive any commission by such links, and therefore click to be done through our site. B) The purchasing gets complete through to the retailer by using the point of clicking. The navigation takes place from our site, and it takes you to the third party, any transaction getting failed before completion of activity at the time of clicking can result in an inability to track the transaction to your account. C) There is a need to have a genuine purchase. Cashback is not allowed for repeat purchases, and genuine reasons have to be followed for every purchase done by you. You acknowledge during making a transaction that retailers hold the utmost discretion to evaluate whether there is genuineness in a transaction or not. You further acknowledge that any cashback liability is not on us, wherein a case transaction disingenuous is deemed by a retailer. D) There is an identifying tag that links back to Mycouponcodes account by the tracking network or by notification done by the retailer. The identifying tag matching will not take place if you are not logged in to your Mycouponcodes at the time of purchase and at the time transaction is taking place. E) Qualifying transactions for any purchase is notified from the tracking network of the retailer. As already explained, the retailer holds the discretion to consider whether a purchase is a qualifying transaction or not. You also acknowledge that cashback liability will not be ours, in the case, if qualifying transaction is not accepted by the retailer. F) There is a need to have a valid account. If your account is disabled or gets terminated for any reason, there will be forfeited of cashback payable will take place.

5.3. You are in agreement, and further acknowledge that affiliate networks are allowed to track your site activity and purchase confirmation details (as detailed out at 6.1), the purchase specific order ID will be shared by affiliate networks with us.

5.4. If a ‘claim’ is notified to us regarding non-reporting to your accounts, there will be an effortful investigation done by us to track the claim with the retailer and with other tracking agencies. We hold complete discretion to cease the investigation during any stage of the process based on a certain level of subjectivity.

5.5. You further acknowledge that payment of commission related decisions to us is final with the retailer or its tracking agency. Our decision is further final related with cashback payment to you. Although we will try our best effort to secure commission payment for the transaction, however, there is no guarantee provided for the same. If, in any situation, we don’t get the expected commission for any purchase due to any reason, we don’t hold the liability for paying cashback to you.

5.6. We hold the right to further adjust or reclaim any cashback payments during any event whenever there is an error done in making cashback payments. This includes but not just limited to any non-genuinely done cashback or any non-received commission from the retailers or related agencies. Any cashback in error is subjected to reclaim or further adjustment in the account.

5.7. It is vital to understand that we don’t hold legal title like a bank to hold money in your account. The passing of cashback earnings doesn’t take place until there is a successful withdrawal is made from the MyCouponcodes account.

5.8. To avoid any confusion or doubt related to terms and conditions, there is absolute agreement and acknowledged by you that any cashback payment-related circumstances are at the sole discretion of yours, and we hold right to refuse any cashback related payment for any of the reasons.

6. Cashing out

6.1. Any cashback payable request can be submitted by you at any time by using your account. Any change in payment details can result in 72 hours delay from the time request is placed due to various security reasons.

6.2. Only one pay-out request is allowed during a 24 hour period.

6.3. The cashback payable can be withdrawn by Paypal from your account. There is a requirement to have a minimum value threshold for the pay-out method before it allows cashback payable withdraw. The pay-out method terms have to be checked by you before any cashback payable withdrawing is done.

6.4. You hold the responsibility to ensure that pay-out details are correctly being submitted. We don’t hold the responsibility for any incorrect transfer of cashback payable in the case where incorrect details are provided by you. The incorrectly sent payments might not get recoverable, and applicable recovery fees will be applied.

6.5. The time might vary between the request for making cashback payable and the time it takes to credit in the chosen destination for pay-out. We don’t hold liability for any payment delays that can occur due to any of the reasons.

6.6. We hold the right to do payment suspension without notice for cashback payable at any of the time for reasonable suspension of any fraudulent activity.

7. Account termination

7.1. You hold the right to cancel your membership (although it is beyond imagination to understand the reason for the cancellation of membership that offers a load of benefits). You can any time cancel the membership by going through an appropriate link that is in the account setting of yours, and further instructions can be followed. If you need help, you can email us at ‘help@ MyCouponcodes.hk,’ and we will further assist with the process.

7.2. Any activity of abuse, fraud, or other indecent activity which we consider unfair, we hold the right to terminate your account.

7.3. Please understand that our discretion is dormant while disabling the account. You should log into your account once every six months so as to keep account active (login doesn’t require making any purchase).

8. Coupon code / Discount code / Voucher Codes

8.1. Where any coupon code/discount code/ voucher code gets advertised by our site, there is no guarantee that such a deal holds validity, and we are not liable to hold such codes validity whatsoever any failure of such a voucher while applying the discount. You further agree that voucher code usage from our site and any offer of cashback is subjected to offer terms of the stipulated site and vary from time to time.

8.2. You acknowledge that any applicability of voucher codes through our site, which is not obtained from us, might not result in an award of any cashback to you.

9. Referral Scheme (bring new members)

9.1. We, as a generous service provider, we love to reward you for referring someone to our site, including friends and family members. If you refer a person as a new member of our site, you explain the terms and conditions to them. There will be pay-out applicable for referral scheme will be credited to your account applicable as per the terms and conditions.

10. Terms are subjected to changes

10.1. We hold the right to amend the terms over a period of time based on business priorities and on the basisof meeting the needs of members. You should regularly review our terms and conditions from time to time so that you remain updated and aware of the applicable changes.

11. Safeguard your account details

11.1. You are given the option to set a password for your account or using any other information to manage the procedure of security. You must protect the confidential information and should not do any third party disclosure. The secure information or password should be unique for MyCouponcodes’ account as a purpose for preventing fraud.

11.2. We hold the right for password disables, whether it’s allocated by us or chosen by you if you fail to comply with our security functions and is done based on our reasonable opinion.

11.3. You are required to promptly notify us of any suspected activity in your account by using a password or identification code. You can notify us by raising a support ticket on the helpdesk.

12. Fraud prevention

12.1. We put our best effort to address fraudulent use or situation by detecting and limited it by our site. We hold the right to reserve the use of our site so that the prevention of fraudulent activity can be done.

12.2. We hold the right to reserve any investigation done for the transactions done through the site. The activities like personal data transfer to third parties whom we work for taking care of cashback is subjected to an internal investigation for any suspected transaction. The data transfer to the third party is detailed out as per our Privacy Policy. We hold sole discretion to terminate any account which is suspected for any fraudulent usage. We also hold rights to forfeit any earning that is within that account.

13. The laws of the country applicable to address any dispute

13.1. For retail customers, The laws pertaining to the Hong Kong government laws are applicable for the consumers. The legal guidance and any court-related matters are subjected to Hong Kong; any exclusion is subjected to agreement between you and us.

13.2. For business, the applicable legality is subjected to English law. The usage terms, subject matter, and any kind of non-contractual disputes are addressed as per English laws. There is an agreement between the two of us to jurisdiction exclusive done for the Hong Kong courts.