Hohem provides a visual tracking service in its products. It frees people to alter the smartphone position according to need. Infect it automatically tracks the visage of the user and moves by itself. Hohem sells its products to 80 countries in the world and is ranked as a best-seller on Amazon. It provides gimbal for smartphones and cameras. Its products include iSteady V2, iSteady X2, iSteady X, and 3 Axis Smartphone Gimbal.

Things to know about Hohem:

  • Hohem is recommended by Bloomberg, yahoo, AP news, and many others.
  • One of its products,3-Axis Smartphone Gimbalprovides optical stabilization for android smartphones. It has 3-high torque brushless motors and tracks any object and face. It has a very reasonable price of HK&99 and gives seven days cash back guarantee.
  • iSteady X2 has a wireless record and gives the facility to capture photos and videos of yourself. It can start or pause, capturing up to 33’ away. It has cinematic video templates, and that is only HK$89. It can also be delivered to the U.S within seven days.
  • iSteady V2 provides visual tracking not only through a simple camera. It facilitates tracking in all apps. Whether it be Livestreaming, Video Conferencing, Dance Recording, YouTube, Instagram, or Zoom use, its anti-shake algorithm system works at its best. Its price is HK$129.
  • One can save up to 5% off using the Hohem coupon. The coupon code isHOHEM8ey88N.Hohem also gives 60% off with Brands HK promo code. The code is 202108CVARS60VANand can be used on Brand’. It applies only to online purchases.
  • The company also welcomes any queries and answer in the FAQ section. Customers can know more about it by clicking here.

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