Evisu HK is one of the well-known and original Hong Kong dress designer companies that enlist premium quality denim wear through conventional and job-intensive techniques. It promises to help its customers with a super comfortable yet trendy range of wardrobe. It offers clothing formen: top, jeans, bottoms, and women: jeans, tops, accessories, clothing for Kids, and an exclusive sale on various items.

Things to Know about:

  • Evisu HK benefits its customers with its substantial services: attractive deals and offers on multiple products and high-quality packaging.
  • Evisu Hong Kong offers a hot deal of Ukiyo Jackets’ new Arrival only From HK$3999 with Evisu Coupon
  • There is free delivery on all jeans/pants or orders over 150 USD
  • Welcome to Evisu and shop up to 60% off on fall-winter products with the Evisu offer.
  • Customers can catch an extra Evisu discount of 50% off with the Sweatpants Big Sale.
  • Evisu HK provides a Great Discount to its high-priced customers on spring Summer New Collections.
  • Clients can enjoy an Evisu Hong Kong discount of 50% off on collections of T-Shirts.
  • Evisu HK offers 50% off on top-selling jackets and 10% off purchasing two or more products without using Evisu HK coupons.
  • The brand is profiting its customers with exclusive collections of spring-summer collection, pre-fall collection, bespoke for men, sale on shopping by discount.
  • Service of shopping by theme is also available. Customers can shop by theme: Evisu, Neo New, Evisu Military, Evisukuro Japanese, Evisukuro Sport, Evisukuro New, Eviso Japanese legend, Private Stock, etc.