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HK$200 Off with Parknshop Coupon

Spend HKS200 and receive HK$100 eCoupon for Home Delivery orders and 2 x HK$$50 Store eCoupon

Up to 150% Trip Cost on Single Trip Plans

Receive up to HK$150 Off for Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption

Get 5% off in STARR SmarTrip Overseas Student Insurance Offer with coupon code

  • - With the coupon code, you can get 5% Off and the annual fee is from HK$2200, Include Medical and Accident Coverage
  • - Valid from 23rd April, 2021 to 31st July, 2021

HK$100 Off with Parknshop Promo Code new customers

Get an immediate 40% Off plus an extra 60% Off on e-shop

Get 10% off in STARR TraveLead Travel Insurance Offer with Coupon Code

  • - Successful application of the STARR TraveLead Travel Insurance with coupon code, you can get 10% Off
  • - Valid from 23th April, 2021 to 31st July, 2021

Get 5% off in exclusive STARR Horizon Travel Working Holiday Insurance Offer

  • - Successful application of the STARR Horizon Travel Working Holiday Insurance with the coupon code, you can get 5% Off
  • - Valid from 23rd April, 2021 to 31st July, 2021

Up to HK$640 off on Travel Insurance plans

Starr Insurance promo code for extra HK$640 off on Travel Insurance plans

Receive up to $5000 back on Annual Plans

Have you booked a non-refundable trip? Get up to HK$5000 back when you subscribe to STARR Insurance Annual Plan

Get 10 % off with coupon code in this exclusive STARR TraveLead Travel Insurance (special edition)

  • - Successful application of the STARR TraveLead Travel Insurance (Special Edition), which include Overseas Coverage For COVID-19, requires coupon code to get 10% Off
  • - Valid from 23rd April, 2021-to 31st July, 2021

20% Off your First Order

Enjoy an extra 20% Off on your next order at eBay

Up to 125% back on Flight cancellation or interruption

Cover the cost of their airline ticket and get up to 125% Off

15% Off Your Travel Insurance Plan with Axa Promo Code

Save an extra 15% Off on Single Journey or Annual Cover Travel Insurance when you apply this Axa promo code for Hong Kong

8% Off Coupon Code

Take an extra 8% off when you use this promo code

Apply for SmartTraveller Plus program at Axa and enjoy up to HK$3000k Coverage

Embrace unlimited benefits with SmartTraveller Plus program. Apply today and get HK$3000k Coverage for Medical and Related Expenses, Personal Accident...

Free test + 20% off for single enrolment, 40% off for 2 or more enrolments

  • - Valid only with annual payment
  • - New members in the scheme will receive a free H. Pylori 13-C Urea Breath Test (HK$700) if they register our Bupa4Life wellness App within two months.

TravellerShield single travel protection 55% off

  • - premium travel insurance from HK$86

40% Off on First Year Premium with this DBS Travel Insurance Coupon

  • - Get 40% Off discount on the First-year premium of TravellerShield Annual Travel Plan and get supermarket vouchers worth HK$ 200.
  • - Valid for TravellerShield Annual Travel Plan only.

Dbs Travel Insurance Coupon Code Up to 45% Off on Single Travel Insurance

  • - Valid on TravellerShield Annual Travel Plan
  • - Save up to 45% Off but on the first year 40% off
  • - 2-3 Person Purchased Single Travel Insurance Gold Plan to Asia Countries (Except China), Get HK$100 Supermarket Coupon

30% Off first year with this FWD promo code

Get a 30% discount on the first-year premium during the first renewal period, and a 70% premium from the second year onwards

20% Off TravelCare Insurance

20% Off travel protection (including COVID-19 protection) for leisure and business travelers.

5% Off TARR SmarTrip Overseas Student Insurance | STARR PROMO CODE

  • - Includes also Annual Fee From HK$2200, Include Medical and Accident Coverage

2 Month Free Premium + Bowtie & JP Health Cash Coupon with Bowtie Coupon

  • - Valid On Purchase Any 2 Insurance Plan og Bowtie Critical Illness Insurance, Bowtie Term Life Insurance HK, Bowtie VHIS Insurance HK and Bowtie Cancer Fighter Insurance HK.

Get HK$50 Off With Transunion Coupon

  • - Save Up to 4 Times Interest Expenses on Credit Rating Report

$2000 Off on Bowtie Accident Insurance Touchwood Protector with Bowite Promotion code

  • - You will receive: Insurance on Minor Accidents such as Clinic (Cleanse wound, stitches), physiotherapy, Chinese bone-setting, and chiropractic
  • - Insurance on Major Accidents MRI scans, hospitalisation, and surgeries. Bowtie covers medical expenses up to HK $420,000 annually
  • - Insurance on 700+ occupations such as Including sports coaches, disciplined services, and drivers

Get Hk$3000 BowtieCash on every purchase of Bowtie VHIS Insurance

  • - Hk$3000 Off
  • - Expires on 28th February

Enjoy 8 months Premium free on Purchase Bowtie Critical Illness Insurance with Bowtie

  • - Successfully Purchase Bowtie Critical Illness Insurance, Enter Code, Enjoy 8 months Premium free

40% Off first year premium on MyMillion Medical Plan

Save an extra 40% off on MyMillion Medical Plan And Free Medical Checkup Service! The policy covers a range of hospitalization and surgical expenses w...

Save Up to 91% Off with FWD offers on all Plans

Take advantage of promotions on the FWD website and knock up to 20% Off on insurance and other savings and investment plans.

Slash Up to 10% Off on Medical Insurance with FWD

Save up to 10% discount on medical insurance and protect yourself against medical, critical illness, disability, accident, and other health-related ex...

Get Up to 20% Off on Travel Insurance with FWD

Grab up to 20% discount on travel insurance when you buy from FWD.

Take Up to HK$68,000 in Taxes with FWD Insurance

Save up to HK$68,000 in taxes by purchasing insurance from FWD.

Get Up to 25% off in Renewal Bonuses with FWD's Total Care Accident Plan

Renew your Total Care Accident plan and receive a 5% bonus for each year's renewal, for a total of up to 25% discount in renewal bonuses.

Earn Rewards with the FWD MAX Program

Join the FWD MAX rewards program to earn points for social media activities, referrals, and more, which can be redeemed for discounts on travel, shopp...

Save Up to 10% off on Car Insurance with FWD

Get up to 10% off on car insurance when you purchase a FWD motor insurance policy and make no claims

Receive a Voucher for Bupa Care Kid: 50% off +100% reimbursement of your childrens hospital expenses

Your child will receive a 50% discount on Hospital and Surgical Benefits and Full Cover benefits if both parents enroll in the Bupa CarePro medical in...

Get 3 Months Premium Discount when you use this Bowtie Coupon

  • - The Coupon Code is eligible for any Bowtie Insurance Service

HK$3000 BowtieCash with this Bowtie promo code

  • - HK$3000 BowtieCash + Use BowtieCash with Claim, May Get Treatment in HK$1
  • - Valid on Bowtie VHIS Insurance



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